Extra Spotlight Info for Music Teachers


Sandbach Concert Series is an opportunity for your students to experience playing on a stage to a warm and receptive audience. The professional concerts artists are booked for the current series and so it is possible to plan for the year ahead.


Check our programme for this year and book your students in for the Spotlight Concerts]



Each young person or Ensemble/Group play for a maximum of 3 to 5 minutes each during the 30 minute Spotlight Concert from 7pm to 7.30pm. We try to select Spotlight musicians with similar instruments or sound to the main artists performing that evening from accordion to voice to zither.


Please contact our Spotlight Director, Kevin Birch, to arrange possible places for your students  kevinbirch60@gmail.com  Kevin co-ordinates all the Spotlight Concerts and also runs through the rehearsal on the night.

Parental consent

A copy of the parental consent form can be emailed to you to give your students, and they can also be downloaded from the website.

What we need

No less than two weeks before each concert, we need:

  • the names of who is playing
  • their parental consent form
  • what they are playing
  • any piano accompaniment music


When we arrange a grand piano, it is a very high quality tuned instrument on hire for the evening. On other occasions we use an electronic piano for just accompaniment.

Ticket Prices

Ticket Prices: Teachers responsible for their young students are free to attend the concert and are encouraged to stay to enjoy the professional concert. The young people taking part, and their families, are encouraged to stay and enjoy and be inspired by the professional concert. The young people are also free whilst their first parent or guardian have a reduced price of £3 to attend the concert.


Security: We have new security measures in place. Teachers and Spotlight musicians must sign in on your way in and also sign out when you leave.

Dress Code

Dress Code: Reflecting the professionalism of the Sandbach Concert Series, smart dress is required for the Spotlight Performers (no jeans – school uniform is suitable).

Professional musicians

Professional musicians: are contracted to be present and listen to the Spotlight Concert. The professional musicians have greatly appreciated listening to the Spotlight Artistes and as such, usually give feedback during their concert in the second half. Spotlight performers (and their families) are encouraged to stay for the whole concert, listening to the professional artists who can provide great inspiration.

Spotlight Director

Spotlight Director: Kevin Birch   kevinbirch60@gmail.com