Hermanos Corbalán

Series: Season 7 2016-2017
Date: Wed 30 Nov 2016 - 7:00pm
Venue: St Mary's Church Hall, Market Square, Sandbach, CW11 1HD

This exciting and energetic harp duo from Paraguay are popular performers at major harp festivals across the world. Sixto and his brother Juanjo Corbalán are both composers in their own rights and together they present an engaging concert of Paraguayan and world music.


5:00pm Pre-concert Early Bird meal at La Casa Mia (not included in the ticket)

Why not make an evening of it and book your pre-concert dinner at La Casa Mia who are kindly helping to sponsor the concert series



6:30pm Doors open

7:00: Spotlight Concert

Music performed by talented young people from Sandbach


7:30 Intermission

Art Exhibition 


raffle in aid of Action for Children


8:00 Main Concert

programme to be announced


Paraguayan music was always sounding at home and my parent’s dream was that I learned to play the harp. It was my mother who got me closer to this instrument and since then it exerts a magical attraction for me”, relates Sixto Corbalán when he is asked to tell about how he chose the harp. His brother Juanjo just followed his footsteps. Today they do magic with their instruments and indicate a new path for the music for paraguayan harp.

Since 2007, Sixto and his brother, Juanjo, have performed as the harp duo Hermanos Corbalán. This is unusual in Paraguay, but as each is an exquisite soloist, the duo is now extremely popular and in demand throughout Paraguay and abroad. Both brothers have a special focus on new compositions for the Paraguayan Harp, mixing their creations with different elements of other genres, innovating and giving them great musical versatility with traditional and exciting new repertoire.

Their investigations and excursions into other genres turn this harp duo into a perfect harmony with a truly amazing sound. Py’aguapy comes from the Guaraní word, the native and official language of Paraguay that means ‘peace, happiness and quietness’. It is the name of a new album released in 2014, where the brothers display their very own style which gathers all the influences of their musical careers. It shows the harp’s transition through a harmonic journey, inspired by the meaning of the word Py’aguapy.

A fresh approach to their instrumental arrangements enhances their performance, displaying the versatility of the Paraguayan harp.

“…a thrilling sweep of dynamic, textual and emotional contrasts, from bare-knuckle bassy attack to exquisitely pretty playfulness, tangy jazz tones to country-blues lick, clamorous drama to shimmering serenity– The Scotsman (2014).