Hermanos Corbalán

Series: Season 9 2018-2019
Date: Wed 31 Oct 2018 - 7:00pm
Venue: St Mary's Church Hall, Market Square, Sandbach, CW11 1HD

A welcome return to Sandbach from this exciting and energetic harp duo from Paraguay who are popular performers at major harp festivals across the world. Sixto and his brother Juanjo Corbalán are both composers in their own rights and together they present an engaging concert of Paraguayan and world music.


5:00pm Pre-concert Early Bird meal at La Casa Mia (not included in the ticket)

Why not make an evening of it and book your pre-concert dinner at La Casa Mia who are kindly helping to sponsor the concert series



  • 6:30pm Doors open
  • 7:00: Spotlight Concert
    • Music performed by talented young people from Sandbach
  • 7:30 Intermission
    • Art Exhibition by Barbara Ward from Sandbach Art Club
    • Refreshments
    • Raffle in aid of Sandbach Today
  • 8:00 Main Concert

Programme to be announced


Sixto Corbalán, Paraguayan Harpist, brings out much more than new arrangements for the traditional music: he suggests a new path for the Paraguayan folk music giving new vitality to traditional rhythms, mixing them up with other genres and achieving in this way to position the Paraguayan folk music within the today´s path of world music. Sixto started playing harp at age 8 and without any musician in his family he does appear to carry music in his blood. The constant search for renewal and expansion led him to learn with the most recognized masters. Here he acquired the knowledge and techniques that today give the wings with which he carries on his music. Several awards and recognitions for his interpretations and own creations led him to several performances on stages around the world in international festivals and tours in America, Asia and Europe. The most notable technique is by far the use of two “keys” on the left hand, which were introduced by Nicolas Caballero in the history of the Paraguayan diatonic harp and so opened it to an unexpected musical range and a jump on the chromatic plane. With this skills together with the view beyond the borders of his country, Sixto Corbalán develops his music: just as powerful and harmonious as expressive and sensitive. The musical spectrum of Sixto Corbalán´s performances is just surprising.

Juanjo Corbalán has developed a very special style which integrates all the influences perceived during his artistic career which is just booming. Born in 1991 in Asunción, Paraguay and following the steps of his brother Sixto he starts playing harp with him at age 8, growing up as harpist by the hand of different recognized harpists. He achieved several awards as best interpreter on important national festivals like Festival del Takuare´ẽ (2006) and the Festival Paraguayhaicha (2005) and others. In his permanent search for innovation and adjustment of the paraguayan music to the actuality he studies with Master Nicolas Caballero, integrating his techniques in his musical language. At the same time he is approaching harmony and improvisation with Professor Carlos Shvartzman. With his very personal style which reflects in his compositions, he achieves a number of awards as composer and wins the First Composing Competition for Paraguayan Harp organized by the Office of Festival Mundial del Arpa en Paraguay (2008) with his theme “Disturbios” (Disturbances). Performances on various international venues may proof his artistic qualities: in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Serbia, Hungary an others. He performs with his brother Sixto Corbalán as Harp Duo “Hermanos Corbalán”, also innovating in this conformation, one of the most recognized in Paraguay and Latin América.


Hermanos Corbalán @ Sandbach Concert Series
St Mary's Hall, Market Square,Sandbach,Cheshire-CW11 1HD
Starting on
31 October 2018
Ending on
31 October 2018
Exciting and energetic harp duo from Paraguay who are popular performers at major harp festivals across the world.
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GBP 10.00